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Pepe Flyers V2: Green Label

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This sale is for the 121 Green Label editions. The Gold Label Pepe Flyers V2 editions are up for auction here with the exception of Gold Label #21 up for raffle here.

Each Green Label edition is numbered #22 thru #142. Editions are claimed sequentially based on purchase order i.e., first buyer receives edition #22, second buyer receives edition #23 and so on....

Pepes STILL make you FLYE

Since dropping the Pepe Flyer V1s 10 months ago, we've been heads down in the lab cooking up a worthy Version 2. We're finally ready to drop the goods.

Remaining the same is the memetically assembled leather and NFC-enabled chip embedded in your sneakers. The chip functions as a Bitcoin wallet, securing digital goods that prove authenticity of your unique V2s, unlock access to token-gated offerings, and showcase your digital swagger (moar below).

V1 holders know we deliver on early, often discounted / sometimes free, access to our GOODS. Expect that to continue for freshly minted V2 holders with FLYEPACK Season 2 on the horizon 👀

What's new?

On the aesthetics, we've raised the top of these kicks and accented the beautiful pepe green with darkness. Now, ALL V2s are uniquely numbered on the tongue so you can boast your early status to late adopters. And what's that furry texture on the inside? You're damn right it's VELCRO, setting the stage for endless dank collabs and customization.


Speaking of dank collabs, we've partnered with Fake Rare and Mystic Pepe to cook up FLYE AF velcros and fresh bitcoin digitals to add drip to your sneaker wallet.

Green Label buyers can add the Fake Rare booster pack to their order. The Mystic Pepe booster pack is gifted to the 1st 35 purchases from an Ordinal Inscription holding wallet address. Our Gold Label VIPS get the Fake Rare pack at no additional charge and get dibs on the Mystic Pepe pack if they pay from an Ordinal Inscription holding wallet address.


The V2s keep it OG with the Counterparty PEPEFLYERS membership token confirming you're part of the crew. Each and every V2 also comes equipped with a 1/1 Ordinal Inscription, serialized to prove the number on your tongue is legit.


Today we drop the Pepe Flyers Gold & Green labels. There will only be 21 Gold Labels and 121 Green Labels, all sequentially numbered 1 to 142. Whether or not the V2 story continues to #143 under a fresh label is yet to be determined. We WILL most definitely offer moar booster packs for you to forever keep your V2s FLYE.

This Lot Includes:


Pepe Flyers V2 editions #22-142, Green Label

  • Genuine leather high top sneakers, foam midsole, perforations on the toe,
    rubber sole
  • There will only ever be 121 Green Label V2s, individually numbered 22 - 142
  • The 1st 20 of 21 Gold Label Pepe Flyers V2 editions are up for auction here and edition #21 Gold Label is up for raffle here.


PEPEFLYERS Counterparty Token

  • Proof of Pepe Flyers membership
  • Supply is unlocked and will increase with future Pepe Flyers models

Pepe Flyers V2 Green Label Ordinal Inscription

  • Each inscription is 1 of 1 and serialized with the number on your shoe tongue
  • Recursive child inscription under the Pepe Flyers V2 Green Label parent
  • Total supply of 121. The parent inscription will be burned to prevent additional editions.


Pepe Flyers Standard

  • 3 Pepe Flyers themed velcro patches
  • "PEPE" shoelace buckle

FAKE BOOSTER (optional add-on to your order)

  • 7 Fake Rare themed velcro patches
  • RAIRFAKE 100 supply token, Fake Rare Series 16, Card 45

Mystic Pepe Enjoooyer

  • 8 Mystic Pepe and Ordinal themed velcro patches gifted to the 1st 35 buyers who pay from, or input with their order, an Ordinal Inscription holding wallet address (Gold Label buyers get priority)
  • Select Mystic Pepe recursive inscription editions
  • 100 supply

All tokens and inscriptions are stored on the sneaker embedded NFC chip. You can withdraw the tokens or inscriptions to your personal Counterparty/Ordinal wallets or request to receive them directly to your personal wallet.

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If you’re attending the PEPE is ART event at 72 Warren St., Tribeca, NYC during NFTNYC, April 3-5, 2024, select Pick Up From Event at checkout to pick them up there.

Each Pepe Flyer sneaker is made to order, expect them to be delivered in approx. 3 months.